The Venetian Institute aims to provide solutions based on the principles of individual liberty, institutional integrity, free enterprise, limited government and commonwealth
The Venetian Institute aims to provide solutions based on the principles of individual liberty, institutional integrity, free enterprise, limited government and commonwealth Venetian Institute - Symbol: Winged Lion Venetian Institute: Individual Liberty, Institutional Integrity, Free Enterprise, Limited Government, Commonwealth   Venetian Institute - Motto: Pro Bono Publico
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Below is the list of questions we have been asked so far.
If you have any question about the Venetian Institute, its mission and activites, please write to info(at) - [replace (at) with the correct symbol to get a valid e-mail address].

Why the Name "Venetian Institute" (Istituto Venezie)?

Venezie (a term which can be literally translated as "Venices") is the name of the geographical area which the Institute aims to target with its proposals and activities. This area, which extends from the city of Bergamo to the island of Corfu, encompasses the territories which in the past formed the Venetian Republic.
Currently, however, the Venetian Institutte (Istituto Venezie) is dealing only with issues (institutional, social and economic) affecting the Venices within the current borders of Northern Italy i.e. the current italian regions of Venezia Tridentina / Sud Tirol, Venezia Euganea, Friuli Venezia Giulia, and the provinces of Bergamo, Brescia, Cremona (i.e. Venezia Orobica) and Mantua.

Why the Motto "Pro Bono Publico"?

We are not being driven by a quest for money or power. But by a strong desire to bring about in the Venices institutional, social and economic changes which will be for the common good of society - i.e. pro bono publico.

Why Do You Use the Term "Venices" rather than "Veneto"?

We prefer to use the term "Venices" - ("Venezie", in italian) - rather than "Veneto" - and we are campaigning for the adoption of the term "Venices" (and "Venezie") - as the current italian region whose name is Veneto (known also as Venezia Euganea) constitutes only a very minor portion of the territories which, for ethical and institutional affinities, decided in the past to come together and undertake a common journey under the banner of the "Serenissima" (the Venetian "Most Serene" Republic).

Are You a Political Party?

No, we are not. Active participation in the consultation process or in political campaigns is not how we operate. Nor do we take a stand for or against any political party. On the contrary, we are completely independent of political parties, and religious or economic interest groups.

You Keep Mentioning "Traditional Venetian Values". Are You Stuck in the Past?

No, we are not. Using an analogy, we are not driving a car with our eyes stuck to the rearview mirror ... ... as this would be the best recipe for an accident!
But, on the other hand, we believe it would be pure arrogance and sheer blindness not to take heed of our country's past experiences. Especially if the principles and values driving the individuals who were at the helm - our Forefathers - were such that our country was considered an exemplary model of institutional and social virtue. Thus, we firmly believe that our Forefathers' values and principles must be taken off the shelves, dusted off, restudied and once again used as signposts for our country's future.

As Ronald Reagan once said: "We want to go back to the past way of facing the future!"

How Are You Funded Currently?

We accept contributions from individuals, businesses, and foundations - both in the Venices and at international level. We will not accept funds (wherever they may come from) that might impair the independence of the organization to pursue its mission, or that compromise its ability to address issues freely, thoroughly and objectively. Currently, we rely almost entirely on financial donations from our Directors. These individuals believe so much in the Venetian Institute's mission that they are willing to sacrifice their own families' financial security to support the Institute's activities!

Do You Accept Government Funding?

No, we do not accept any government funding. As mentioned above, we accept funding only from individuals, businesses and foundations - and only as far as it carries no strings attached to it.

What Support Are You Receiving From Your Current Supporters?

Support may come in many forms: it may be financial, or it may consist in the donation of equipment, or it may take the form of a collaboration agreement. Currently we have several collaboration agreements (publications, advice, translations, research, conferences, etc.) with most of the international organisations listed on the page "Current Supporters".

Why Are You Based in London? You Cannot Save the Venices Being Based in a Foreign City.

There are several reasons why we decided to base the Venetian Institute abroad:

  • currently London is at the cross-roads of the world (as Venice once was). Thus, the Institute has easier access to a more international and much wider pool of knowledge, talent, help and contacts than if it were based in the Venices;
  • being based abroad allows the Institute to maintain a detached involvement in the Venetian situation and gain a better overall perspective of the situation;
  • finally, being abroad, allows us to consider and put forward drastic and painful reform proposals without being swayed or pressured by local "party interests";
  • our detachement does not mean however that we are out of touch with the situation in the Venices. We possess a wide local, grass-roots, network which allows us to keep our finger on the pulse and provides us with a distribution network for the Institute's proposals.


(*) For the purpose of the Institute's work, the words "Venices", "Venetia" and "Northeast Italy" are interchangeable, and are taken as meaning the historical Venices within Northern Italy - i.e. the current italian regions of Venezia Tridentina-Sud Tirol/Alto Adige, Venezia Euganea, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, the current provinces of Bergamo, Brescia, Cremona (i.e Venezia Orobica), and Mantua.